The Metaphysical Zone

Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself.

St. Francis de Sales

Welcome to the Metaphysical Zone. Here you can find aspects of Western astrology, Eastern astrology and Celtic astrology, as well as Numerology, Personality Colors (auras), Meyer-Briggs Typing (MBTI) and personality types and other personality typing theories both metaphysical and psychological. We also have some advice on the do's and don'ts of writing fiction. These are provided as aids in writing fiction and the writing fictional people.

Note: These are ONLY offered as aids for writing fiction and the creation of fictional characters and as background information on the metaphysical theory, psychological theory and personality typing for writers of fiction. The Metaphysical Zone makes no offers or claims of applicability or suitability in regards to real people or personal issues. The Metaphysical Zone does not offer counseling or helps beyond what is presented on this site. However, we do have a list of links to sites, some of which offer such help: Astrology for Real People

We also offer a selection of books relating to Metaphysics and Writing. Additional titles are being added all the time. Sales made through the Metaphysical Zone Bookstore helps to defray the cost of maintaining the Zone.

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